I remember walking down the hospital hall behind my 11-month-old baby, who was being pushed in a hospital bed.  Two men walked by and stared at her and said how they hate to see that and off they went about their day.  I hit me so daughter has cancer...I am in the shoes I NEVER thought I would be in! I was a stay at home mom with a wonderful husband and 2 fabulous babies! If it can happen to my family then it can happen to yours. In one moment those words "Your child has cancer" can change your entire life. When it changed ours I was so grateful to all who helped us and especially to the families who walked this path before us and helped raise money for research, donated to us so we could get a second opinion..etc.  That is what you will be doing if you support Roc 4NB Cure. Your generous donation goes directly to Cleveland Families fighting cancer and to neuroblastoma research. You never know if you or a friend or a loved one will be told those awful words but if they do you know you have an organization that you supported that will now support your loved one.

Thank you for your donation!