Roc 4NB Cure was formed by us (John and Stacy Rocco) after our daughter Julia, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

We made a promise to each other that if Julia and our family got through all this, we would do our best to give back to others for all of the thoughts and prayers we received during our darkest days. We were busy raising our 2yr. old son Anthony, and 11 month old baby girl Julia, when our world came to a stop. Julia, who was walking at ten months, all of sudden stopped one month later. She was in major discomfort and we couldn’t understand what was happening. Julia’s crawling eventually diminished to an army crawl. During this time we visited many doctors and were told by many that we were “over parenting”.


The moment that carries much burden in our hearts is when we went to pick Julia up from her crib and she could only reach her arms up for us. Julia was slowly becoming more lethargic. Little did we know then, Julia’s spine was being compressed by a solid tumor that was days away from severing her spinal cord. Just two weeks short of her 1st birthday, Julia was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

After radiation, chemo, surgery, and many other necessary awful procedures, we decided to seek out other opinions on her course of treatment.


We traveled to New York and Chicago, ultimately choosing to surgically remove the tumor at the University of Chicago, Comer Children’s Hospital. After consulting with Dr. Susan Cohn, and Dr. Donald Liu, we found their expertise to be outstanding. They agreed a minimally invasive surgery was the best, although dangerous procedure. We decided although this surgery was risky, it was the right choice for Julia.

Julia is now a healthy 5 year old and we want to pass on the love and support that we received during this awful time.


Roc 4NB Cure is a non profit that will support families by providing money for medical bills, travel expenses, second opinions, or anything that will take away stress for families fighting pediatric cancers. We will always be looking for new ways we can help kids with cancer!

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